Pursue Your ARM™ Insurance Designation Now (3 Reasons Why)

The ARM™ Insurance Designation, or Associate in Risk Management, is one of the premier insurance designations of the property-casualty insurance industry. This insurance designation is held distinguished employees of the insurance industry including risk managers, risk officers, risk advisers, insurance agents, brokers, and underwriters.

The Associate in Risk Management Designation (ARM™) focuses on all aspects of risk management. This designation covers a wide array of insurance topics including risk management, risk assessment, and risk treatment.

The ARM™ Insurance Designation is of the many insurance designations administered by the Insurance Institute of America. The ARM™ teaches you the science of risk management and provides you with the necessary skills and understanding to avoid, reduce, and manage risk.

Unlike some of the longer insurance designations, the ARM™ Certification is only three exams focusing on topics such as risk management principles, risk assessment, and risk financing.

ARM™ Reason #1: Professional Development

The number one reason why you should begin pursuing your ARM™ insurance designation right NOW is for personal and professional development.

No matter if you are still in college, just starting to interview for positions, or trying to advance your career internally. The ARM™ Designation touches on nearly every risk management and risk-related subject. This designation gives you the practical skills and knowledge required to become a risk management subject matter expert.

ARM™ Reason #2: The Longer You Wait, The Harder It Gets

If you don’t do it now, it will only get harder. There’s no time like the present.

Where are you in your career? Are you just starting college? Just about to graduate college? Are you a risk analyst that has been in the industry for a few years? Are you already the Chief Risk Officer? No matter where you are in your career, the time to start is NOW.

The longer you delay, the less likely it is that you will take action.

The hardest part is that first step. I recommend forcing yourself to study by signing up for your exam before you begin studying. Purchase your exam and set the date for two months out. This will motivate you to start studying; there’s no excuse when your money is on the line because I highly doubt that you want to fork over another $330 just to retake the exam.

ARM™ Reason #3: CPCU® Designation

The ARM™ exam now count as credit toward the CPCU® Designation.

It’s called the “ARM™ To CPCU® Path” – This is a new way to earn both the ARM™ and CPCU® designations.

The Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Designation (CPCU®) is the most prestigious designation in the property-casualty insurance industry, held by only about 4% of all property-casualty employees and often referred to as the “CPA of the insurance industry”. This insurance designation covers nearly all property-casualty insurance topics, giving CPCU® designation holders the advanced insurance knowledge and expertise required to effectively advance their careers in terms of management capability and salary growth.

After completing the three ARM™ courses (ARM™ 400, ARM™ 401, and ARM™ 402), you can take CPCU® 530 and CPCU® 540 complete the “Core Courses” needed for the CPCU® designation. Then, you just need to pass the two Concentration Courses (CPCU® 555 and CPCU® 556 for personal insurance or CPCU® 551 and CPCU® 552, for commercial) along with an elective course and an ethics course.

Ready to get started? Check out our ARM™ to CPCU® study material bundle to save $900 on your study material (get 3 courses free).

Free Practice Exam

Ready to get started studying? We’re here to help (for free). Download one of our free ARM™ practice exams to get a feel for the type of content you will be studying.

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More Information

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