What To Expect On Your Virtual ARM™ Exams

Big changes are coming to the ARM™ Exams! Starting in 2022, all your exams will be virtual ARM™ exams. Going forward, there will no longer be an option to take your exam at a Prometric testing center.

What is a virtual ARM™ exam?

No longer will you be taking your exams in person at a prometric testing center. Instead, you will take your exam directly from your computer.

The exams will be non-proctored, meaning the exams are unsupervised so we will be relying on the “honor system” to combat cheating.

All you need to take your exam is an internet connected device using the Chrome or Firefox browser system, and a reliable internet connection.

When can I take a virtual ARM™ exam?

You can take your virtual ARM™ exam any time during an open testing window. Testing windows are open on the following dates:

  • Quarter One: January 15th to March 15th
  • Quarter Two: April 15th to June 15th
  • Quarter Three: July 15th to September 15th
  • Quarter Four: October 15th to December 15th

How long are the virtual ARM™ exams?

The virtual ARM™ exams will be 65-minutes long.

How many questions are the virtual ARM™ exams?

There are 50 multiple choice questions.

Meaning, to answer every question before the time runs out, you should plan on spending about 1 minute and 18 seconds to answer each question (50 questions in 65 minutes).

What type of questions are on the virtual ARM™ exams?

All questions on the virtual exam will be application-based scenario questions. These are tricky questions that require you to apply your knowledge to a real-life scenario to choose the appropriate answer (you will not be repeating a definition or concept). That means, there is really no way to cheat on your exam, so don’t even try.

You can download one of our free practice exams to see what these questions look like.

Below, are a couple of links to help you prepare for these tricky online exam questions. In the below links, I am providing some sample application-based questions. I will detail exactly how to solve each type of problem and provide some insight into the type of questions you will see on the actual exam. These are real practice exam questions directly from our online courses so you know they are designed to be difficult and reflect the type of question you will see on the official exam:

What is the passing grade for the virtual ARM™ exams?

To pass the exam, you must score a 70% or better. That means, out of 50 questions on your exam, you must answer 35 of the questions correct (you can get 15 wrong and still pass).

What is the average pass rate of the virtual ARM™ exams?

The average pass rate is between 72% to 74% for these virtual ARM™ exams (according to published industry reports).

Free Practice Exam – Prepare for the virtual ARM™ exams.

To prepare for your exam, I highly recommend downloading one of our free practice exams.


Please note, AssociatePI is not affiliated with The Institutes. We do not have any say or input into these exam changes. The above information is provided for information only, to assist you with your exams during these uncertain times. I urge you to please reach out directly to The Institutes or Prometric testing center if you have any questions about exam changes. For additional information and to transfer an exam, please contact The Institutes Customer Success at 1-800-644-2101.


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