"If you're looking for a worthwhile alternative to combing through the textbooks, look no further."

John D. Lloyd - Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 500, 520, 530, and 540 with AssociatePI

If you're looking for a worthwhile alternative to combing through the textbooks, look no further. The interface is simple to use, and the information is streamlined and presented in an efficient manner. I studied an average of only 2-3 weeks per exam, and I felt well-prepared for each. AssociatePI is a total game changer. 10/10 would recommend.

Todd Keller - AssociatePI Testimonial

Todd Keller - Senior Catastrophe Risk Analyst

Passed ARM™ 400, ARM™ 401, and ARM™ 402 with AssociatePI

I am incredibly glad I stumbled across the AssociatePI ARM™ and CPCU® course offerings! I was always apprehensive about starting my ARM™ and CPCU® courses due to all of the horror stories I’ve heard about how confusing and difficult [industry materials] makes their course material. I cannot express enough how thankful I am I used AssociatePI’s study material. I read the text, took the quizzes, fully populated the study guide, and studied it extensively. I took both practice exams a few times over to ensure I was comfortable with the types of questions and topics covered.

I studied approximately 1 hour/day for 3 weeks and I’m happy to report that I passed my ARM™ 400 exam on my first attempt with a score of 80 – 89! I am confident that it would have taken me at least double the amount of time if I used [industry course material]. One last thing: I reached out to Jake a bunch of times during those three weeks with questions and I’m happy to report that he was amazingly responsive. It’s obvious he truly cares about helping his clients pass these difficult exams! I can guarantee I’ll be purchasing future ARM™ and CPCU® courses from AssociatePI!

Update from Todd: Good news! I passed my ARM™ 402 exam this past weekend! This was the last ARM™ exam I had to pass to get my ARM™ designation! I did it successfully in under three months. I couldn’t have done that without AssociatePI!

Wes Reynolds - Risk Management Associate

Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

I ran into a brick wall with Finance and Accounting (CPCU® 540). There were so many formulas to comprehend and memorize, I just felt overwhelmed with all the material. Unfortunately, I took my exam and was unable to pass it my first go through. As you may know, the exams are not cheap, and I was determined not to waste my money on a failed attempt again. That's when I stumbled across AssociatePI. I couldn't have been more pleased. They were able to condense the information down and able translate it in an easier to understand format. I found this an excellent tool, and would recommend to anyone looking for an edge to get over the hump. No testimonial would be complete without the results; I passed!

Jolene Evenson - Material Damage Field Auto Claims Adjuster

Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

I did a lot of reading on the entire CPCU® curriculum before I decided which route I wanted to go with study materials. I chose AssociatePI due to some articles that recommended it vs. The Institutes materials, plus reading the review of The Institutes study materials on CPCU® 540 specifically were REALLY unfavorable. I also really liked the pass guarantee - I was hoping to not have to use it and I figured if he's confident enough in his course to offer a guarantee, it must work!

AND IT DID! I passed CPCU® 540 yesterday with an 80-89!!!!!

The practice tests from AssociatePI were harder than the exam itself. So if you're getting 90 and above as he recommends you will kill it. I don't know of any other study material that you'd be able to email someone with questions and they'd walk you through quiz answers etc. that REALLY helped me.

Overall I would definitely recommend this course!

Laronna Woolf - VP/Senior Account Manager in Commercial Lines

Passed CPCU® 530 with AssociatePI

I passed my CPCU® 530 Law test! Finally, after give or take 15 years, I have earned my CPCU®! Though this was a retake of my exam, I used your study materials for the second taking and now wished I had known about your study materials throughout my journey. In any event, your study materials helped immensely. The layout and the order in which you presented the material just made so much more sense than the book's version.

Romona Walls - Independent Claim Adjuster

Passed CPCU® 555 with AssociatePI

Great product offering, in-depth reading, and helpful tips to study. Well worth the purchase, study and time!

Janete Barnett

Passed CPCU® 530 with AssociatePI

Bottomline, please take this course. You will not regret it. For three years, I had taken TONS of exams and just couldn’t pass a single CPCU® exam. I went through the industry materials (book, quizzes, tests) but it was so confusing. I was throwing my money away. I was about to give up when I stumbled upon AssociatePI. It took me weeks to decide because it is a bit expensive but then I thought of all those exams I had failed and would never be able to recover that money. I figured I would give this a shot. I am SOOOO glad I did. I did everything that I was told to do. It’s a lot of writing but the information does get ingrained in your head that way. Be sure to take the quizzes/tests and memorize the vocabulary. The material was so easy to follow and understand. Plus, any questions I had were answered right away via email. I passed the CPCU® 530 on my first attempt!!!! Thank you to AssociatePI!!! Now I feel like I can pass the rest of the exams."


Joshua Weiner

Passed CPCU® 557 with AssociatePI

AssociatePI's tools helped me focus on the important elements of each section and easily pick up where I left off. The course reinforces the material through quizzes and study guides so that the key concepts stick. After you study for a few hours your confidence level will skyrocket. Thank you Jake and team!

Anthony - Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 500 with AssociatePI

Loved everything about this site and what it has to offer. Took the test the first time through that other website and was overwhelmed with fluff to actually understand what I needed to. Jake's study materials and relevant practice exam questions were what helped me to victory this time around. Have been trying to get all of my coworkers to make the jump also! Actually excited about the next test.

Doug - Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 500 and 520 with AssociatePI

After some back and forth on whether to purchase the exam package I decided to take a chance and purchase the service. It was the best thing I could have done. They break down the topics well and take you step by step through all the material. Then the full practice tests give you a great idea of where you stand come test day. When I took the test I did not know what to expect but to my surprise the questions were worded almost identically to those of the questions on Associate PI. I passed the CPCU® 500 exam with ease thanks to this website. I have since passed the CPCU® 520 using this site as well. The way to pass these exams is by practicing as much as you can and this website makes it easy. I would recommend every CPCU® student take advantage of these test banks, they are truly better than anything else I have seen.

Manikandan - Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 520 with AssociatePI

Thank you Jake. The material provided was really helpful. I wish i could have known AssociatePI earlier. I would definitely inform my friends and make best use of your services with the upcoming CPCU® exams.

Veronica Halili - Account Manager

Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

The practice exams I purchased from you provided me with a different perspective in understanding the chapters. Explanations are more understandable and the samples are in depth.

Phillipia Holness - Commercial Underwriter Team Lead

Passed CPCU® 530 and 540 with AssociatePI

After failing twice studying independently using the institute materials I decided to try AssociatePI. This course was easy to follow and the questions at the end of each segment helped me grasp the concepts with ease. I will be ordering CPCU 540 next. Thanks very much Jake for all the encouraging emails and bonus info...cheers!

Robert Moreno - Employee at RMIS

Passed CPCU® 500 with AssociatePI

I am extremely pleased after taking my first course, CPCU® 500 from API. I studied for just a couple weeks, took the exam and passed on my first try with no problems at all.

Janeigh Trott-Fadda

Passed CPCU® 530 and 540 with AssociatePI

I PASSED!!!! Thanks to the practice exam I purchased I was able to better anticipate the type of question on the actual exam. It was my last exam so now all that remains is for me to complete the Ethics test. Thanks again for your most valuable practice exam.

James Bryan - Financial Adviser

Passed CPCU® 555 with AssociatePI

AssociatePI was excellent supplemental study material and it was tremendously helpful in helping me learn the material and prep for the exam. AssociatePI was excellent supplemental study material and it was tremendously helpful in helping me learn the material and prep for the exam.

Rahul - Underwriter

Passed CPCU® 530 and 555 with AssociatePI

Final conclusion: I'm glad I chose AssociatePI. The emails were extremely helpful, I never thought i'd be happy about getting so many emails but everything you said was right. The 530 was hard but I used the AssociatePI Course and passed easily. I'm very pleased with my decision and the back and forth with Jake answering questions and getting real help was an added bonus. The AssociatePI course is the reason I passed the 530, couldn't have done it without. Thanks again Jake.

Steve - Marketing Manager

Passed CPCU® 500 with AssociatePI

I used The Institutes textbooks and later switched to your online courses. I wouldn't have passed without the practice exams and online course, the textbook did not prepare me for my exam.

Adam - Insurance Agent

Passed CPCU® 500, 520, and 530 with AssociatePI

Quiz questions were very similar to exam's. Course focuses on the most important content of the exam.

Mallory - Employee with Alliant Insurance Serivces

Passed CPCU® 500 with AssociatePI

Very concise and efficient for studying! If you're very detail-oriented, it's easy to get lost with all of the details in these exams. This help sort out what details were truly important.


Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI

So thankful I paid for this course. It was worth every penny. After reading and studying the text over 2 months, I was left in a haze. I got through this course in 2 weeks and passed the hardest CPCU exam!