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I ran into a brick wall with Finance and Accounting (CPCU® 540). There were so many formulas to comprehend and memorize, I just felt overwhelmed with all the material. Unfortunately, I took my exam and was unable to pass it my first go through. As you may know, the exams are not cheap, and I was determined not to waste my money on a failed attempt again. That's when I stumbled across AssociatePI. I couldn't have been more pleased. They were able to condense the information down and able translate it in an easier to understand format. I found this an excellent tool, and would recommend to anyone looking for an edge to get over the hump. No testimonial would be complete without the results; I passed!

Wes Reynolds Risk Management Associate
Passed CPCU® 540 with AssociatePI


I passed my CPCU 530 Law test! Finally, after give or take 15 years, I have earned my CPCU! Though this was a retake of my exam, I used your study materials for the second taking and now wished I had known about your study materials throughout my journey. In any event, your study materials helped immensely. The layout and the order in which you presented the material just made so much more sense than the book's version.

Laronna Woolf - VP/Senior Account Manager in Commercial Lines
Passed CPCU® 530 with AssociatePI


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