How To Pass Your CPCU® Exam in Two Weeks

I passed every one of my CPCU® exams in just two weeks of studying. In this blog, I’m going to show you how.

Please note, this same study schedule also applies to the ARM™, AINS™, and API™ Exams.

Industry Recommended Study Time

The industry-recommended study time for a CPCU® exam is 5 to 8 weeks.

The reason the industry recommends 5 to 8 weeks is because studying the textbooks and other industry study material takes a long time. The books are long, drawn-out, overwhelming, and explain the concepts in a roundabout way. There is A LOT of fluff content that you do not need for your exam.

You can study faster. If you know how to cut through the fluff and focus on the important topics you can pass your exam in two weeks of studying. In fact, students that use our Comprehensive Online Course pass their exam on average in two weeks of studying just one hour per day.

Today I’m providing you with the exact schedule that I recommend to our students. This will allow you to pass your exam in two weeks of studying. If you study efficiently and cut out the fluff, you can easily pass this exam in two weeks of studying.

CPCU® Studying: Plan of Action

Follow this plan to pass your CPCU® exam in just two weeks by studying for one hour per day. I recommend you study on your lunch break, spend your free time after work doing something you enjoy (not studying).

NOTE: students pass their exams in two weeks using our Online Course because we have streamlined the studying process. We write our online courses to simplify the studying process making it easy to read, comprehend, and consume the abundance of complex content by conveying the topics in simple terms and plain English. If you are not using an AssociatePI course, you can do this on your own. You just need to focus on the key material and high-level topics, don’t get bogged down with the roundabout explanations.

Study Plan

Here is the studying plan of action that I used to pass my exams in two weeks of studying:

  • Day 1 – 8: Read each chapter (one chapter per day). While reading, take shorthand notes of the main content. Jot down any important details and be sure to focus on the most important topics that we give in our free practice exam and study guide for each exam.
  • Day 9: Study your notes. Familiarize yourself with the main topics.
  • Day 10: Take a recap quiz for each chapter. Update your notes with any topic that needs additional studying.
  • Day 11: Take practice exam #1 – make note of any incorrect answers, update your notes accordingly.
  • Day 12: Take practice exam #2 – make note of any incorrect answers, update your notes accordingly.
  • Day 13: Based on your practice exam results refer back to any sections that need additional studying.
  • Day 14: Retake the practice exams. Ensure that you’re fully comfortable with the formulas and concepts. Target a 90% correct.
  • Day 15: Take your virtual exam and pass!


Follow this plan of action to pass your exam in two weeks. You can use this schedule for any of the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, or API™ Exams.

With this process, you will be passing all of your exams in less time with less studying. And remember, you can easily pass this exam in less time if you study longer than one hour per day. I recommend one hour per day so that you don’t overwhelm or stress yourself.


Download your free CPCU®, ARM™, or API™ practice exam.