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AssociatePI FAQ

Who is AsssociatePI and why should you trust us?

I’m Jake! I’m the founder of AssociatePI. I was unhappy with the traditional study material available for the CPCU® exams so I set out and created my own! I gathered a group of CPCU’s® that I’ve met over the years from working in the insurance industry and attending CPCU® events to develop our CPCU® study content that ACTUALLY prepares you for the exam and helps you remember what you’ve studied.

What is AssociatePI’s story?

AssociatePI was founded by myself, Jake Lang, in 2014. The company started as a side project while I was studying for the CPCU® with a few associates. It all started because I was not satisfied with the textbooks, finding that there was way too much fluff content and the practice exams were very poorly constructed and did not help to prepare me for the type of questions that were actually on the exam.

At the time, I did not intend to create a company. I was simply providing practice exams and notes for free online and helping other CPCUs® by publishing exam reviews based on personal experiences; but that quickly snowballed into something much bigger. I personally took on the project to bring AssociatePI large scale and we’ve now been in business selling our courses and publishing new content for two years while rapidly growing in popularity.

We offer a money back guarantee for our courses and in two years AssociatePI has only issued 2 refunds to the thousands of students that have used AssociatePI to pass their exams, meaning our success rate is between 99 to 100%.

What’s included in your online course?

A complete course covering all of the content on the CPCU® exam. The course is designed by CPCUs® to cut out the fluff material from the textbooks; summarizing and organizing the material in an easy to read and comprehend format allowing you to pass your exam with less studying.

In addition to the content, the online course includes:

  • Over 300 practice questions divided up by topic allowing you to take a quiz for each topic of each chapter of the CPCU® textbook
  • Two complete practice exams designed to mimic the actual CPCU® exam
  • Fill in the blank study guide ensuring you take notes on the most important topics

What’s the success rate of your online course?

Almost 100%…Of the thousands that have used AssociatePI to pass their CPCU® exams, only two have failed.

Do I need to purchase the textbooks or any other study material with your comprehensive course?

Nope! Our CPCU® Comprehensive courses cover everything that could possibly be on the exam in extreme detail, no need for other supplemental study material because the comprehensive courses include:

  • Full online courses covering all CPCU® exam topics
  • Study guide
  • 300+ practice questions
  • 2 practice exams

What guarantee is included?

We offer a money back guarantee if you don’t pass your exam with our comprehensive online course. Pass your exam or your money back, you can’t lose!

What’s so special about your practice exams?

Our practice exam questions are designed by actual CPCUs®. Every single question is hand crafted and uniquely based on our personal experiences passing the CPCU® exam. We weren’t satisfied with the practice exams on the market; we didn’t feel they adequately prepared us for the type of questions that we actually saw on the exam. That’s why we’ve designed each of our questions to mimic the actual format of the CPCU®, giving you a real exam feel before you sit for The Institutes administered exam.

How long will I remain enrolled in the course?

Lifetime. You’ll be enrolled in the course for the remainder of your life. I like to leave all of our courses open for life just in case you want to come back to review a topic in the future. Also, each CPCU® exam builds off of the prior exam, by leaving the course open for life you can come back to freshen up on a topic before you take your next exam

How do I sign up for the course?

Simply click here and find your course, then click “take this course” and checkout. You’ll need to sign in or create an account, then once you pay you’ll be automatically enrolled!

What’s included in your online practice exams course?

Over 300 practice questions divided up by topic allowing you to take a quiz for each topic of each chapter of the CPCU® textbook and two complete practice exams formatted to mimic the actual CPCU® exam giving you a “real exam feel” before you sit for The Institutes administered exam.

Do I need to purchase the textbooks or any other study material with your practice exams course?

That is completely up to you. Our CPCU® Practice Exams Courses are strictly practice questions, if you want a complete course that covers the entire content then checkout our CPCU® Comprehensive courses.


Money Back Guarantee

AssociatePI has the highest quality insurance education courses created by actual insurance professionals who have completed the CPCU® designation. We are so confident that you will pass your exam that we offer a money back guarantee. Pass your exam with the AssociatePI Comprehensive Course or your full money back, guaranteed.