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What is the CPCU® designation?

The CPCU® or chartered property casualty underwriter designation is an insurance designation held by about 2% of all employees in the insurance industry. This designation is considered the premier designation in the property and casualty industry as it focuses on the key topics of property and casualty including property insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, insurance law, risk management and personal insurance operations

The CPCU® designation consists of 8 exams

CPCU® 500

CPCU® 520

CPCU® 530

CPCU® 540

CPCU® 555

CPCU® 556

CPCU® 557

Elective Course

Who should pursue the CPCU®?

The CPCU® insurance designation should be pursued by all insurance professionals in the property and casualty field. The CPCU® is a sought after insurance designation which is highly respected within the industry. This designation helps the insurance professional advance their career, improve their overall insurance knowledge and according to the CPCU® Society, 30% of those holding their CPCU® earn more than their peers.

Studying for the CPCU®

The CPCU® designation is not for the faint-hearted. The eight comprehensive exams require time and dedication. Most programs recommend studying three moths per exam, meaning the entire CPCU® process will be completed in two years.

This is where we differentiate ourselves. No one has time to work over 40 hours a week AND study for an exam. Our focus in to condense the wide array of insurance topics covered in each exam into the key content to help you get to the point and learn the material as quickly and effortlessly as possible. On average, our deluxe online course member completes each exam in 2-3 weeks. That’s about 1/4th of the time recommended by other methods! So don’t delay, get started today!



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CPCU® 500 Exam

CPCU 500 Comprehensive Course

$345 value for only $184.99

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About this course

This course covers every topic of the CPCU® 500 exam, narrowing down the content to focus on the most important topics. The CPCU® 500 Comprehensive Course has been developed by industry experts that have been through the CPCU® process, who along the way, created this course to help others pass their exams in less time with less studying.

Included in this course

  • Full online course covering all CPCU® 500 topics
  • Fill in the blank study guide – ensure you take notes on the important topics
  • Two complete practice exams (60 questions each)
  • 300+ unique quiz and test questions
  • Money back guarantee

Course topics:

  • Risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk control
  • Risk financing
  • Enterprise wide risk management
  • Insurance as risk management technique
  • Insurance policy analysis and concepts

Benefits of the course

  • Mobile compatible
  • Easy to read and comprehend course
  • Faster reading and quicker comprehension for quicker studying
  • Fill in the blank study guide ensures you take notes on imporatant topics
  • Recap questions for each topic to test your understanding of definitions
  • Practice exams formatted in the same format as the actual CPCU® 500 exam
  • Money-back guarantee


We offer a full money back guarantee if you don’t pass your exam using our CPCU® 500 comprehensive course. The only catch is you need to fully use the course, meaning you must complete each section, complete all of the practice questions and complete the study guide. These are the keys to passing the exam, if you complete each section and fail your exam we will fully refund you for the cost of the course.


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