CPCU® Exam Pass Rates

The CPCU® exams are tough; the average pass ratio of a CPCU® exam is around 74%. That means on average 1 out of every 4 will fail the CPCU® exam. According to publicly published data, these are the pass rates of the CPCU® exams:

Exam National Pass Rate AssociatePI Pass Rates
CPCU® 500 76% 100%
CPCU® 520 70% 95%
CPCU® 530 72% 100%
CPCU® 540 66% 100%
CPCU® 555 75% 100%
CPCU® 556 71% 97%
CPCU® 557 81% 100%
CPCU® 551 76% 100%
CPCU® 552 76% 100%
CPCU® 553 76% 100%
CPCU® Designation 74% 99.2%


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AssociatePI is not affiliated with The Institutes. This resource is intended for informational purposes only, to inform students about the national pass rates of the CPCU®. This information is not the choice, nor does it involve the input, of AssociatePI. This information is sourced from industry publications detailing the pass rates of CPCU® exams.

How to Earn the CPCU® Designation

The CPCU® designation is achieved after the completion of a series of eight exams and an ethics requirement course. The exams include: four foundation courses, three personal lines or commercial lines courses, and one elective course. The sequence in which these exams are taken does not matter, the individual may choose the exam order depending on their interests or background.

These courses cover a wide array of topics and advanced subjects used in our day to day jobs such as risk management, underwriting, loss exposure analysis, property-casualty insurance, coverage options, insurance law, managing insurance operations and much more

Foundation Courses

These courses are required for both the Personal and Commercial CPCU®

Personal Lines Courses

These three courses are required for the personal lines CPCU®

Commercial Lines Courses

These three courses are required for the commercial lines CPCU®

  • CPCU® 551
  • CPCU® 552
  • CPCU® 553

Elective Courses

Only one elective course is required. There is a wide array of courses that count as an elective credit including:

  • CPCU® 560
  • AAI™ 83
  • AIC™ 31
  • AIC™ 32
  • ARE™ 144
  • ARM™ 56
  • AU™ 67
  • ERM™ 57

Download: Free Practice Exam (CPCU® | API™ | ARM™)

CPCU® Designation Costs

The cost of the CPCU® designation varies widely depending on your choice of study material and exam registration. On average, the CPCU® will cost between $3,500 to $5,000. Each exam costs about $320 and study material ranges between $150 to $400 per exam. It’s pricey, but there are plenty of tips and tricks to reduce the cost of your CPCU® including using college credits, applying for the CPCU® scholarship, and employer reimbursement (most employers will pay for your CPCU®).

CPCU® Salary

The median salary for a CPCU® is $74,338. Here’s more information about the salary corresponding with a CPCU®.

Free Practice Exam

Ready to get started studying? We’re here to help (for free). Download one of our free CPCU® practice exams to get a feel for the type of content you will be studying.

Download: Free Practice Exam (CPCU® | API™ | ARM™)

More Information

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