CPCU® Exam Updates – Study Material Revisions

Updated as of 2/1/2017

Purpose of this page

The CPCU® exams are revised periodically. The exams are revised and updated from time to time in order to keep the content up to date on current events and changes in the insurance environment.

This page will track the exam changes and provide insight into what is changing for each exam. If an exam is not listed on this page, then no revision is made to the study material. You can continue using your current study material for the exam.

February 2017 Update

The CPCU® 500 exam will be updated to the 2nd edition, this will replace the current 1st edition CPCU® 500 study material.

Beginning October 2016 CPCU® 500 exam will begin testing on the 2nd edition study material. If you plan on taking your exam before June 15th, 2017 but you’re using 1st edition study material, please contact the exam administrator and let them know you are using 1st edition study material and would like to enroll in the 1st edition exam. The exam administrator is making an exception for anyone using 1st edition study material taking an exam before June 15, this is the last window where 1st edition CPCU® 500 study material will be applicable.

Effective June 15th, 2017 the exams will no longer be testing on the 1st edition of the CPCU®® 500 study material.

What’s changing

The CPCU® 500 will be updated to provide an overview of data analytics. This update will better explain key concepts of data analytics and their role in insurance and risk management.

To do

If you are using 1st edition CPCU® 500 study material and plan to take your CPCU® 500 exam before June 15, contact they exam administrator and let them know you are using 1st edition study material. The exam administrator will make an exception for you and allow you to take the 1st edition exam.

If you are planning to take the CPCU® 500 exam after June 15, you MUST use 2nd edition CPCU® 500 study material. The 1st edition study material will no longer be effective.

AssociatePI Course

If you are enrolled in an AssociatePI CPCU® 500 course, we will be automatically updating our course to reflect this change before the April 15th testing window. Your course will automatically reflect the update, you will not need to do anything.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact us at contact@associatepi.com

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