CPCU® Conferment 2019 – New Orleans, Louisiana

CPCU® Conferment 2019 – New Orleans, Louisiana

The 2019 CPCU® conferment will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The dates of the conferment have not been released yet but based on the dates of the 2017 conferment ceremony and 2018 conferment ceremony we can expect the 2019 CPCU® conferment ceremony to be in September or October of 2019. Typically the conferment takes place on the first day (usually a Saturday) of the CPCU® Society’s annual meeting. The other three days of the annual meeting consist of presentations from industry leaders.

The schedule for the 2019 conferment ceremony has not been released yet, but you can check out the schedule for the 2017 annual meeting here. The 2019 meeting will likely follow a similar schedule.

Please note, AssociatePI is not affiliated with The CPCU® Society. The above links are intended for your informational purposes only, to help you attend your conferment ceremony.

What is the Conferment Ceremony?

The CPCU® conferment is a ceremony held each year to recognize new CPCU® graduates. This conferment is held on the first day of the CPCU® society’s annual meeting.

The CPCU® society’s annual meeting is a four-day conference; all CPCU’s® are invited to attend to listen to industry leaders present on pressing topics in the property casualty industry. This is a great opportunity to meet other CPCU’s® and learn from industry leaders.


Please note, AssociatePI is not affiliated with The Institutes or the CPCU® Society. AssociatePI is an independent company that is not endorsed by or otherwise supported or recognized by The Institutes in any way. This blog is intended for informational purposes only, to help you register for your conferment ceremony.

2019 CPCU® Conferment Eligibility

To be recognized as part of the 2019 conferment class, you must:

  1. Pass all CPCU® exams by June 15, 2019
  2. Complete Ethics 312
  3. Have worked in the insurance industry for a minimum of 24 months
  4. Submit the Institutes online matriculation form by June 30 and pay the $75 fee. You can access the matriculation form by logging into your Institutes account, going to the “Learning resources” tab and clicking “CPCU® Matriculation”.
  5. Register with the CPCU® society and pay the 2019 dues (new CPCU’s® can register for half price)
  6. Register for the CPCU® society’s annual meeting when it becomes available (2019 registration is not yet available)

Getting to New Orleans

You’ve still got plenty of time to pass all your CPCU® exams before June of 2019! Download a practice exam and get started studying, you’ll be on your way to the conferment ceremony in no time!

And remember, before you book ANYTHING, check with your employer. See if they will pay for you to attend the conferment ceremony. Most employers will pay for you and a plus 1 to attend the event; flight, hotel, and all expenses included!

For assistance in registering for the conferment ceremony, check out our guide on how to register for the CPCU® conferment ceremony.

Download: Free CPCU® Practice Exam

Upcoming CPCU® Conferment Ceremonies

Not going to complete your CPCU® in time for the conferment ceremony? Not to worry! The CPCU® Society holds a conferment ceremony each year for new CPCU’s®. See where next year’s CPCU® Conferment Ceremony will be held:

Free Practice Exam

Ready to get started studying? We’re here to help (for free). Download one of our free CPCU® practice exams to get a feel for the type of content you will be studying.

Download: Free CPCU® Practice Exam

More Information

For more information about the CPCU® designation checkout some of our other free resources:


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  1. Can you wait two years after you get your CPCU to participate in the ceremony?

  2. You can definitely attend the ceremony, though I don’t believe you will be recognized in the ceremony. You are typically recognized in the year that you earn your CPCU®, but any CPCU® can attend the conference. I recommend emailing the CPCU® Society directly with this question for confirmation.

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