CPCU® 540 Difficulty

The CPCU® 540 exam is the fourth CPCU® exam in a series of eight required exams to complete your CPCU® designation.

The CPCU® 540 exam is a 65-minute virtual exam consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Exams are virtual, and non-proctored, meaning you take the exam alone online directly from your computer. All questions on the virtual exam will be application-based scenario questions. These are tricky questions that require you to apply your knowledge to a real-life scenario to choose the appropriate answer (you will not be repeating a definition or concept). You will be given a real-life scenario; your job will be to select the best recommendation to solve the given scenario.

In this blog, we will break down the most difficult aspects of the exam. We will detail exactly what you should focus on when studying to pass this exam. This blog comes straight from our CPCU® 540 online course where we break down the difficult concepts and convey the topics in simple terms and plain English.

CPCU® 540 Difficulty (The Hardest Exam)

According to nationally published CPCU® pass rates, the CPCU® 540 is the hardest CPCU® exam. The pass rate is typically around 72%. The numbers don’t lie; the CPCU® 540 exam is the largest in terms of content and is by far the most math-intensive of all the CPCU®exams.

This exam will test your will to complete the CPCU®; many students get stuck on the CPCU® 540 and give up after failing a couple of times. Prepare yourself now and set aside a little extra study time for the CPCU® 540 because there are a lot of new concepts to grasp and a lot of formulas to memorize.

The CPCU® 540 exam focuses on the topics of finance and accounting including financial statements, valuations, investment management, and capital management. The reason this exam is so tough is that the questions are heavily math-intensive. There are A LOT of formulas to know for the CPCU® 540 exam. According to the nationally published estimates, there are 34 math formulas that you’ll be required to know to pass the CPCU® 540 exam, but we estimate that there are closer to 50 formulas that you need to pass the CPCU® 540. In addition, you will be given calculation tables to use on the CPCU® 540 exam including the future value table and the present value tables.

Luckily we know exactly which formulas will be provided to you on the exam and which formulas will not be provided, you can click here to download the list of formulas that you need to memorize (we’ll also include a free practice exam with the download).

The hardest part of the CPCU® 540 will be memorizing and learning how to use each formula. The concept questions of the CPCU® 540 are pretty straightforward, nothing more challenging than the CPCU® 530; the difficult part is reading a question and knowing which formula to apply without the question directly telling you. For example, a question will give you the expected return and purchase price for five different alternative purchases that a business could make and ask you to “select the best investment”. Without the question directly asking, you’ll need to understand that this question requires you to calculate the NPV of each possible purchase in order to determine the best investment. To make the test even harder the CPCU® 540 will attempt to trick you by giving more information than needed for the formula meaning you’ll need to know exactly what information is relevant to the formula and what information is unnecessary.

Be sure to download our free CPCU® 540 practice exam and list of formulas to ensure you’re memorizing the correct formulas.

Download: Free Practice Exam (CPCU® | ARM™ | AINS™ | API™)

Three Study Tips

Now that I’ve scared you, here’s why you’re going to easily pass the CPCU® 540. You’re going to learn from everyone else’s mistakes (including mine) and listen to these three tips while studying for the CPCU® 540 exam.

1) Memorize the formulas early: Don’t wait until you’re finished studying to memorize the formulas. When you see a formula in the course, write it down and memorize it. When you’re finished studying the chapter go back and quiz yourself on the formulas, make sure you have each formula memorized. Once you finish studying each chapter go back and quiz yourself again on all of the formulas, make sure you’ve memorized them all.

2) Practice without looking at the formulas: Take as many practice exams as you possibly can, and while you practice do so WITHOUT looking at your formulas cheat sheet. This will help you to memorize the CPCU® 540 formulas. Treat your practice exam like the real exam; you won’t be given all of the formulas on the actual exam so make sure you’re practicing as if you’re taking the real exam without looking at the formulas.

3) At the exam, write down the formulas: As soon as you sit down to take the CPCU® 540 exam, write down every single formula that you memorized. Dump it all out of your head the second you begin the exam, this will essentially create a cheat sheet for you to use throughout the exam. The CPCU® exams are stressful; it’s tough to remember all 50 formulas while you’re worried about answering the 50 multiple-choice questions in 65 minutes. So, alleviate the stress of remembering right away, and before even looking at the first question write down all the formulas you’ve memorized on the note paper provided by the testing center.

Free Practice Exam

Ready to get started studying? We’re here to help (for free). Download our free CPCU® 540 practice exam to get a feel for the type of questions you will see on the exam. This includes the formulas and present/future value tables for your exam.

Download: Free Practice Exam (CPCU® | ARM™ | AINS™ | API™)

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