CPCU 530 Practice Exam Course The CPCU 530 practice exam course consists of over 300 practice questions and two complete [...]

CPCU® 530 Practice Exam Course

The CPCU® 530 practice exam course consists of over 300 practice questions and two complete practice exams formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 530 exam. This course is intended to copy the question format of the CPCU® 530 exam as closely as possible to give you a “real exam” feel.

This is the only CPCU® prep course on the market that mimics the format of the CPCU® 530 exam, helping you to better prepare for the type of questions that you will see on the actual exam.

In this course, the recap questions test your understanding of the CPCU® 530 content while the two practice exams test your application of the CPCU® 530 concepts by mimicking the actual exam.

Course Content

  • Two complete practice exams – 85 questions each formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 530 exam
  • 300+ recap questions – quiz questions testing you on the content of each chapter
  • Quiz explanations – detailed explanation about the correct answer for each quiz question
  • All unique questions
  • All questions formatted in as similar manner to the CPCU® 530 administered exam


This course is only recap questions and practice exams. For the full online course and study guide, see our CPCU® 530 Comprehensive Online Course

Course Curriculum

Before You Begin: How to Use This Course Unlimited
Before You Begin: Money Back Guarantee Unlimited
About Exam – CPCU® 530 Unlimited
Before You Begin – Here to Help Unlimited
Section I: U.S. Law
CPCU® 530 Section I – Before You Begin Unlimited
U.S. Law – Legal System Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Sources Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Classification Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Civil Trial Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Alternative Dispute Resolution Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Administrative Agency Recap Unlimited
U.S. Law – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section I – Final Review Unlimited
Section II: Contract Law
CPCU® 530 Section II – Before You Begin Unlimited
Contract – Types Recap Unlimited
Contract – Components Recap Unlimited
Contract Component – Agreement Recap Unlimited
Contract Component – Exchange of Value Recap Unlimited
Contract Component – Intention Recap Unlimited
Contract Component – Lawful Recap Unlimited
Contract – Enforceability Recap Unlimited
Contract – Interpretation Recap Unlimited
Contract – Termination Recap Unlimited
Contract – Breach of Duties Recap Unlimited
Contract – Remedies for Breach Recap Unlimited
Parol Evidence Rule Recap Unlimited
Statute of Frauds Recap Unlimited
Contract – Third Parties Recap Unlimited
Contract Law Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section II – Final Review Unlimited
Section III: Insurance Contract Law
CPCU® 530 Section III – Before You Begin Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Characteristics Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Formation Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Statements Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Third Party Beneficiary Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Doctrines to Deny Liability Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract – Claims Handling Recap Unlimited
Insurance Contract Law Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section III – Final Review Unlimited
Section IV: Commercial Law
CPCU® 530 Section IV – Before You Begin Unlimited
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Recap Unlimited
UCC Article 2 – Sales Contract Recap Unlimited
UCC Article 3 – Negotiable Instrument Recap Unlimited
UCC Article 7 – Document of Title Recap Unlimited
UCC Article 9 – Secured Transaction Recap Unlimited
UCC Articles – Review Recap Unlimited
Laws Protecting Consumers Recap Unlimited
Commercial Law Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section IV – Final Review Unlimited
Section V: Property Law
CPCU® 530 Section V – Before You Begin Unlimited
Property Law – Real Property Recap Unlimited
Real Property – Incidental Rights Recap Unlimited
Real Property – Land Restrictions Recap Unlimited
Real Property – Security Interest Recap Unlimited
Real Property – Landlord Relationship Recap Unlimited
Real Property – Selling Property Recap Unlimited
Property Law – Personal Property Recap Unlimited
Property Law Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section V – Final Review Unlimited
Section VI: Tort Law
CPCU® 530 Section VI – Before You Begin Unlimited
Tort Law – Negligence Recap Unlimited
Negligence – Proof Recap Unlimited
Negligence – Defense Recap Unlimited
Tort Law – Intentional Acts Recap Unlimited
Tort Law – Liability Recap Unlimited
Tort Law – Damages Recap Unlimited
Liability – Landowners Recap Unlimited
Liability – Products Recap Unlimited
Liability – Extraordinary Situations Recap Unlimited
Tort Law – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section VI – Final Review Unlimited
Section VII: Agency Law
CPCU® 530 Section VII – Before You Begin Unlimited
Agency – Overview Recap Unlimited
Agency – Authority Recap Unlimited
Agency – Duty of Principal Recap Unlimited
Agency – Duty of Agent Recap Unlimited
Agency – Torts Recap Unlimited
Agency – Dissolution Recap Unlimited
Agency – Third Parties Recap Unlimited
Agency Law – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section VII – Final Review Unlimited
Section VIII: Agency Law Insurance
CPCU® 530 Section VIII – Before You Begin Unlimited
Insurance Producer – Overview Recap Unlimited
Insurance Producer – Duties Recap Unlimited
Insurance Broker – Authority Recap Unlimited
Insurance Agent – Authority Recap Unlimited
Insurance Producer – Lawsuit Defense Recap Unlimited
Insurance Producer – Dissolution Recap Unlimited
Agency Law Insurance – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section VIII – Final Review Unlimited
Section IX: Business Law
CPCU® 530 Section IX – Before You Begin Unlimited
Corporation – Formation Recap Unlimited
Corporation – Duties Recap Unlimited
Corporation – Merger Recap Unlimited
Corporation – Partnership Recap Unlimited
Corporation – Termination Recap Unlimited
Unincorporated Associations Recap Unlimited
Employment – Employment at Will Recap Unlimited
Employment – Welfare Laws Recap Unlimited
Employment – Anti-Discrimination Laws Recap Unlimited
Employment – Labor Management Recap Unlimited
Business Law – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section IX – Final Review Unlimited
Section X: International Law
CPCU® 530 Section X – Before You Begin Unlimited
International Business – Techniques Recap Unlimited
International Business – Law Recap Unlimited
International Business – Legal Systems Recap Unlimited
International Business – U.S. Law Recap Unlimited
International Business – Agencies and Treaties Recap Unlimited
International Business – Contracts Recap Unlimited
International Business – Monetary Factors Recap Unlimited
International Business – Other Factors Recap Unlimited
International Law – Definitions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Section X – Final Review Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Practice Exam 1 Unlimited
CPCU® 530 Practice Exam 2 Unlimited
The Next Step Unlimited

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  1. Course was easy to follow


    Came across AssociatePI’s practice exam and ended up signing up for the course. Things were broken down easily, the course was easy to follow. Definitions of the 530 were explained in simple terms and helped me get over the hump my second time taking the exam. Thanks again for the course, will be back for the 540

  2. Course breaks it down well


    What was the best part of the course? All of it. There’s a lot of definitions to navigate through but the course breaks it down well.

  3. I'm glad I chose AssociatePI


    Final conclusion: I’m glad I chose AssociatePI. The emails were extremely helpful, I never thought i’d be happy about getting so many emails but everything you said was right. The 530 was hard but I used the AssociatePI Course and passed easily. I’m very pleased with my decision and the back and forth with Jake answering questions and getting real help was an added bonus. The AssociatePI course is the reason I passed the 530, couldn’t have done it without. Thanks again Jake

  4. Scored 80-89


    Very satisfied with the detail and simplicity of the course. I scored 80-89


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