CPCU® 520 Comprehensive Course

This course combines a wide array of CPCU® 520 study content and narrows it down to the core concepts listed below which are required to pass the CPCU® 520 exam. This course will cover every topic and minor details that may appear on the CPCU® 520 exam

This course has been developed by industry experts that have passed the CPCU® 520 exam, our experts have summarized all of the study material into one course that cuts out the fluff and non-critical information to help you study and pass your exams in a more efficient, less timely manner.

Pass the CPCU® 520 – Guaranteed

Pass your CPCU® 520 exam using our Comprehensive Online Course or your full money back, guaranteed

Course Includes:

  • Complete Online Course – covers everything that will be on the exam
  • Fill in the blank study guide – ensures you take notes on important topics
  • Two complete practice exams – 75 questions each formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 520 exam
  • 300+ recap questions – quiz questions testing you on the content of each chapter
  • Quiz explanation – detailed explanation about the correct answer for each quiz question
  • Money back guarantee – pass or your full money back

Course topics:

  • Insurance Operations
  • Insurance Regulation
  • Marketing and Distribution
  • Underwriting
  • Risk Control and Premium Auditing
  • Claims
  • Actuarial Operations
  • Reinsurance
  • Information Technology
  • Strategic Management

Course Curriculum

Before You Begin
Before You Begin: How to Use This Course Unlimited
Before You Begin: Download Study Guide – CPCU® 520 Unlimited
Before You Begin: Money Back Guarantee Unlimited
About Exam – CPCU® 520 Unlimited
Before You Begin – Here to Help Unlimited
Section I: Insurer Operations
CPCU® 520 Section I – Before You Begin Unlimited
Classifying Insurers Unlimited
Classifying Insurers Recap Unlimited
Insurance functions Unlimited
Insurer Goals Unlimited
Insurer Goals Recap Unlimited
Insurer Difficulties Meeting Goals Unlimited
Insurer Difficulties Meeting Goals Recap Unlimited
Insurer Performance Unlimited
Insurer Performance Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section I – Final Review Unlimited
Section II: Regulating Insurance
CPCU® 520 Section II – Before You Begin Unlimited
Regulators Unlimited
Regulators Recap Unlimited
Purpose of Regulators Unlimited
Purpose of Regulators Recap Unlimited
Regulator Functions Unlimited
Licensing 02:46:29
Licensing Recap Unlimited
Monitor Insurance Contracts Unlimited
Monitor Insurance Contracts Recap Unlimited
Monitor Market Conduct Unlimited
Monitor Market Conduct Recap Unlimited
Monitor Solvency Unlimited
Monitor Solvency Recap Unlimited
Regulate Rates Unlimited
Regulate Rates Recap Unlimited
Unofficial Regulators Unlimited
Unofficial Regulators Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section II – Final Review Unlimited
Section III: Insurer Functions - Marketing and Distribution
CPCU® 520 Section III – Before You Begin Unlimited
The Insurance Market Unlimited
The Insurance Market Recap Unlimited
Marketing Unlimited
Marketing Recap Unlimited
Functions of the Producer Unlimited
Functions of the Producer Recap Unlimited
Distribution Systems Unlimited
Distribution Systems Recap Unlimited
Distribution Channels Unlimited
Distribution Channels Recap Unlimited
Choosing a Distribution System and Channel Unlimited
Choosing a Distribution System and Channel Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section III – Final Review Unlimited
Section IV: Insurer Functions - Underwriting
CPCU® 520 Section IV – Before You Begin Unlimited
Underwriting Unlimited
Underwriting Recap Unlimited
Underwriting – Types of Underwriter Unlimited
Underwriting – Types of Underwriter Recap Unlimited
Underwriting – Authority of Underwriters Unlimited
Underwriting Policy Unlimited
Underwriting Policy Recap Unlimited
Difficulties of Underwriting Policy Unlimited
Difficulties of Underwriting Policy Recap Unlimited
The underwriting process Unlimited
The Underwriting Process Recap Unlimited
Underwriting – Measuring Results Unlimited
Underwriting – Measuring Results Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section IV – Final Review Unlimited
Section V: Insurer Functions - Risk Control and Auditing
CPCU® 520 Section V – Before You Begin Unlimited
Risk Control Unlimited
Risk Control Recap Unlimited
Risk Control Alignment Unlimited
Risk Control Alignment Recap Unlimited
Risk Control Goals Unlimited
Risk Control Goals Recap Unlimited
Premium Auditing Unlimited
Premium Auditing Recap Unlimited
Process of Premium Auditing Unlimited
Process of Premium Auditing Recap Unlimited
Premium Auditing Alignment Unlimited
Premium Auditing Alignment Recap Unlimited
Premium Audit – Accuracy Unlimited
Premium Audit – Accuracy Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section V – Final Review Unlimited
Section VI: Insurer Functions - Claims
CPCU® 520 Section VI – Before You Begin Unlimited
Claims Overview Unlimited
Claims Overview Recap Unlimited
Claims Personnel Unlimited
Claims Personnel Recap Unlimited
Claims Process Unlimited
Claims Process Recap Unlimited
Policy Coverage Analysis Unlimited
Claims Regulation Unlimited
Claims Regulation Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section VI – Final Review Unlimited
Section VII: Insurer Functions - Actuarial
CPCU® 520 Section VII – Before You Begin Unlimited
Actuarial Overview Unlimited
Actuarial Overview Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Definitions Unlimited
Ratemaking – Definitions Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Methods Unlimited
Ratemaking – Methods Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Factors Unlimited
Ratemaking – Factors Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Loss Reserves Unlimited
Ratemaking – Loss Reserves Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Goals Unlimited
Ratemaking – Goals Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Process Unlimited
Ratemaking – Process Recap Unlimited
Ratemaking – Variations Unlimited
Ratemaking – Variations Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section VII – Final Review Unlimited
Section VIII: Reinsurance
CPCU® 520 Section VIII – Before You Begin Unlimited
Reinsurance Overview Unlimited
Reinsurance Overview Recap Unlimited
Reinsurance – Types Unlimited
Reinsurance – Types Recap Unlimited
Reinsurance – Agreement Terms Unlimited
Reinsurance – Agreement Terms Recap Unlimited
Reinsurance – Sources Unlimited
Reinsurance – Sources Recap Unlimited
Reinsurance – Needs of Insurer Unlimited
Reinsurance – Needs of Insurer Recap Unlimited
Reinsurance – Alternatives Unlimited
Reinsurance – Alternatives Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section VIII – Final Review Unlimited
Section IX: Information Technology
CPCU® 520 Section IX – Before You Begin Unlimited
Information Technology – Purpose Unlimited
Information Technology – Purpose Recap Unlimited
Information Technology – Strategy Unlimited
Information Technology – Strategy Recap Unlimited
Business Information Systems Unlimited
Business Information Systems Recap Unlimited
Information Technology – Security Unlimited
Information Technology – Security Recap Unlimited
Need for Quality Data Unlimited
Need for Quality Data Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section IX – Final Review Unlimited
Section X: Strategic Management
CPCU® 520 Section X – Before You Begin Unlimited
Strategic Management Overview Unlimited
Strategic Management Overview Recap Unlimited
Organizational Strategies Unlimited
Organizational Strategies Recap Unlimited
SWOT Analysis Unlimited
SWOT Analysis Recap Unlimited
Five Forces Analysis Unlimited
Five Forces Analysis Recap Unlimited
International Expansion Unlimited
International Expansion Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Section X – Final Review Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Practice Exams
CPCU® 520 Practice Exam 1 Unlimited
CPCU® 520 Practice Exam 2 Unlimited
The Next Step Unlimited

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  1. Best thing I could have done


    After some back and forth on whether to purchase the exam package I decided to take a chance and purchase the service. It was the best thing I could have done.They break down the topics well and take you step by step through all the material. Then the full practice tests give you a great idea of where you stand come test day. When I took the test I did not know what to expect but to my surprise the questions were worded almost identically to those of the questions on Associate PI. I passed the CPCU® 500 exam with ease thanks to this website. I have since passed the CPCU® 520 using this site as well. The way to pass these exams is by practicing as much as you can and this website makes it easy. I would recommend every CPCU® student take advantage of these test banks, they are truly better than anything else I have seen.

  2. I wish i could have known AssociatePI earlier


    Thank you Jake. The material provided was really helpful. I wish i could have known AssociatePI earlier. I would definitely inform my friends and make best use of your services with the upcoming CPCU® exams.

  3. Questions were very similar to exam


    Quiz questions were very similar to exam’s. Course focuses on the most important content of the exam

  4. Thank you for all your help


    I just wanted to thank you for all your help while preparing for CPCU® 520.I did pass the test, I will be purchasing CPCU® 530 comprehensive course next week and perhaps CPCU® 540.

  5. You guys are great


    You guys are great. I will be sure to spread the word about AssociatePI around my company.

  6. 520 CPCU®


    You guys are great. I am taking the exam on 12-15-17. Regardless if I “non-pass”, I am still learning and life is too short to not continue enriching yourself. Thank you for your time.


    Robert W. Anderson

  7. Well, I passed....


    …but not by much. Like the CPCU 500, I thought the content was good and relatively easy to get through. However, there were a few questions/subjects on the test, that were never mentioned in the course. Overall, I feel like the content on this website is easier to digest vs. reading a textbook from the Institutes, but clearly it cost me a few questions on the test. Because of the money back guarantee, I’ll continue to use AssociatePI.


Money Back Guarantee

AssociatePI has the highest quality insurance education courses created by actual insurance professionals who have completed the CPCU® designation. We are so confident that you will pass your exam that we offer a money back guarantee. Pass your exam with the AssociatePI Comprehensive Course or your full money back, guaranteed.