CPCU® 500 Practice Exam Course

The CPCU® 500 practice exam course consists of over 300 practice questions and two complete practice exams formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 500 exam. This course is intended to copy the question format of the CPCU® 500 exam as closely as possible to give you a “real exam” feel.

This is the only CPCU® prep course on the market that mimics the format of the CPCU® 500 exam, helping you to better prepare for the type of questions that you will see on the actual exam.

In this course, the recap questions test your understanding of the CPCU® 500 content while the two practice exams test your application of the CPCU® 500 concepts by mimicking the actual exam.

Course Content

  • Two complete practice exams – 60 questions each formatted exactly like the actual CPCU® 500 exam
  • 300+ recap questions – quiz questions testing you on the content of each chapter
  • Quiz explanations – detailed explanation about the correct answer for each quiz question
  • All unique questions
  • All questions formatted in as similar manner to the CPCU® 500 administered exam


This course is only recap questions and practice exams. For the full online course and study guide, see our CPCU® 500 Comprehensive Online Course

Course Curriculum

Before You Begin: How to Use This Course Unlimited
Before You Begin: Money Back Guarantee Unlimited
About Exam – CPCU® 500 Unlimited
Before You Begin – Here to Help Unlimited
Section I: Risk Management
CPCU® 500 Section I – Before You Begin FREE Unlimited
Defining Risk Recap Unlimited
Classifying Risk Recap Unlimited
Introduction to Loss Exposure Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Types Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Type – Liability Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Type – Net Income Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Type – Personnel Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Type – Property Recap Unlimited
The Risk Management Process Recap Unlimited
Advantages of Risk Management Recap Unlimited
Goals of Risk Management Recap Unlimited
Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM) Recap Unlimited
Risk-Management Technology – Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section I – Final Review FREE Unlimited
Section II: Risk Assessment
CPCU® 500 Section II – Before You Begin Unlimited
Loss Exposures of Individuals and Organizations Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Data Recap Unlimited
Loss Exposure Analysis Recap Unlimited
Approaches to Analyzing Loss Exposures Recap Unlimited
Central tendency Recap Unlimited
Probability Recap Unlimited
Probability distributions Recap Unlimited
Dispersion Recap Unlimited
Normal Distributions Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section II – Final Review Unlimited
Section III: Risk Control
CPCU® 500 Section III – Before You Begin Unlimited
Risk Control Overview Recap Unlimited
Applying Risk Control Recap Unlimited
Goals of Risk Control Recap Unlimited
Risk Management – Business Continuity Recap Unlimited
Risk Management and Technology Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section III – Final Review Unlimited
Section IV: Risk Financing
CPCU® 500 Section IV – Before You Begin Unlimited
Risk Financing Overview Recap Unlimited
Retention Recap Unlimited
Transfer Recap Unlimited
Goals of Risk Financing Recap Unlimited
Risk Financing Techniques Recap Unlimited
Choosing Risk Financing Technique Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section IV – Final Review Unlimited
Section V: Insurance
CPCU® 500 Section V – Before You Begin Unlimited
Insurance – Overview Recap Unlimited
Insurance Policy – Characteristics Recap Unlimited
Insurance Policy – Provisions Recap Unlimited
Insurance Policy – Variations Recap Unlimited
Insurance Policy – Analysis Recap Unlimited
Insurance – Loss Exposures Recap Unlimited
Insurance – Insurable Interest Recap Unlimited
Insurance – Property Valuation Recap Unlimited
Insurance – Liability Valuation Recap Unlimited
Insurance – Other Recovery Recap Unlimited
Insurance to Value Recap Unlimited
Deductibles – Property Insurance Recap Unlimited
Deductibles – Liability Insurance Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section V – Final Review Unlimited
Section VI: Big Data Analytics
CPCU® 500 Section VI – Before You Begin Unlimited
Intro to Big Data Recap Unlimited
Technology Recap Unlimited
Data Science Recap Unlimited
Data Mining Recap Unlimited
Decision Making With Data Recap Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Section VI – Final Review Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Practice Exam One Unlimited
CPCU® 500 Practice Exam Two Unlimited
The Next Step Unlimited

Course Reviews


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  1. Best thing I could have done


    After some back and forth on whether to purchase the exam package I decided to take a chance and purchase the service. It was the best thing I could have done.They break down the topics well and take you step by step through all the material. Then the full practice tests give you a great idea of where you stand come test day. When I took the test I did not know what to expect but to my surprise the questions were worded almost identically to those of the questions on Associate PI. I passed the CPCU® 500 exam with ease thanks to this website. I have since passed the CPCU® 520 using this site as well. The way to pass these exams is by practicing as much as you can and this website makes it easy. I would recommend every CPCU® student take advantage of these test banks, they are truly better than anything else I have seen.

  2. I wouldn't have passed without the practice exams and online course


    I used The Institutes textbooks and later switched to your online courses. I wouldn’t have passed without the practice exams and online course, the textbook did not prepare me for my exam.

  3. Huge help in better preparing me


    Thank you for the emails and videos on YouTube. They were a huge help in better preparing me for the CPCU® exam. Also, I was able to print out what sections I scored the lowest to help focus my studies. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Awesome community


    Jake, thank you very much for your helpful e-mails. I found myself in the exact situation yesterday, unable to understand the material and taking too long to study, it was an eye opening experience. I’ve taken your advice used the practice exams to prep myself for the CPCU® 500. Thank you very much for establishing an awesome community.

  5. Easily broke down the material


    Course provided a simple summary that easily broke down the material

  6. This was the best thing to feel confident going into the test


    This was the best thing to feel confident going into the test. There is no better boost in confidence than getting practice questions correct.

  7. The test questions were great


    The test questions were great. I love the copious amounts of practice questions

  8. Thanks so much!


    thanks so much! I’ll definitely be using Associate PI when it comes time to take my other 5 exams (hopefully my employer will be paying for my study materials by then). Thanks again!

  9. Scored 90-100 on the exam!


    Jake, Thanks for the replies and practice questions. It was helpful to get another crack at another practice exam before taking the real thing this afternoon. I scored 90-100 on the exam! Much thanks for the service and will be purchasing future exam question packages.

  10. Study guide helped me to focus on the key areas!


    Having the study guide laid out before hand was very beneficial because it helped me to focus on the key areas!

  11. Easy to follow and easy to pass


    Undoubtedly, the best part was the streamlined process. Easy to follow and easy to pass.

  12. Practice Exams helped me pass.


    The Institutes books and practice exams did not come close to how the actual exam was. Luckily I bought the Associates Practice exam course and it turned out to be exactly like the actual exam. I wouldn’t have passed if it wasn’t for this course.


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