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Elevate your Company's Training and Development with a dedicated training program, tailored to the needs of your employees, to help your staff earn the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ certifications.

Why AssociatePI?

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passing exams since 2015.

By insurance pros for insurance pros. Professional development is our mission, having helped 10,000+ students pass their CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ exams since 2015. These certifications helped us take our careers to the next level. Now, we encourage others to advance their careers through industry education.

Say Goodbye to High Training Costs and Low Pass Rates.

Simplify your training and employee development program.
And most importantly, Stop Overpaying For Bad Study Material That Doesn't Get Results.

Are you struggling to build an effective employee development program?

Are you struggling with the high cost of study materials for your employees pursuing CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ certification exams?

Is it difficult for your team to find quality study materials, leading to low pass rates and wasted resources?

Does your team start off strong, setting goals to pursue industry education and development courses, but then fail to follow through?

Here's the thing...

Your employees find themselves struggling to follow through on their goals to pursue industry training and pass their certification exams due to limited access to quality study materials.

The high cost of standalone study material, the personal time investment, the lack of support, and the lack of resources is demotivating. All of which leads to a higher risk of exam failure, a higher "drop off" rate, and stagnant employee development.

That's where we can help...

Our Corporate Subscription program grants your employees unlimited access to our suite of online courses for employees to earn their CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ certifications.

This provides your team with a complete employee development program and streamlined process with proven programs to help employees study and pass their exams.

Our expert trainers and industry-specific training courses ensure that employees have access to high-quality study materials and training resources, leading to increased confidence and success rates.

With our program, employees have unrestricted access to the resources they need to excel, without the high costs or time constraints associated with traditional training methods.

Additionally, our program reduces "drop-off" as we help to keep your employees on track, ensuring they pursue their extracurricular education.

No more underwhelming ineffective professional development programs. Simply put, we make it easy for your corporate development team. With one study material (proven to work), one point of contact, and one source of information to keep employees on track, we ensure your team is learning, developing, and studying to pass their industry certification exams.

AssociatePI Corporate Subscription

Introducing the AssociatePI Corporate Subscription.

A dedicated training program for your employees. With unlimited access to all of AssociatePI's online courses for the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ certifications.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

By enrolling in our Corporate Subscription Program, your team will gain unlimited access to our full suite of online courses, study material, and resources needed to pass the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ exams.

unlimited access

Unlimited employee access to all of AssociatePI's study material for the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ exams.

A proven system of self-study online courses that has helped thousands pass their exams and earn their certifications.

AssociatePI Online Course
A proven program

A program proven to work, having helped over 10,000 students pass their exams with a 99% success rate.

Created by insurance pros for insurance pros. We passed our exams, earned our certifications, and advanced our careers...Now, we encourage others to advance their careers through industry education.


Expert support through a dedicated team of instructors and coaches to assist employees with questions and provide guidance when needed.

Progress tracking tools that help employees and managers monitor learning progress and assist in employee development.

Personalized study plans and recommendations for each employee.

Here To Help

We're here to help. Having taken these exams and earned these certifications, we understand the challenges that come with studying for these difficult certifications while balancing a full-time job.

This is why I founded I'm Jake, and it's been my mission since 2015 to provide quality study materials and training programs that not only help insurance industry professionals pass their exams but also enhance their skills and knowledge to succeed in their careers. I know firsthand how important it is to have access to comprehensive study materials and a supportive learning environment, and I'm proud to say that our program provides just that.

I understand that budget constraints and limited access to resources can be a challenge for many companies (my previous employers included), and that's where our unlimited access program can help. Our program is designed to provide your employees with unlimited access to over fifteen online courses, covering the CPCU®, ARM™, AINS™, and API™ certification topics. With our program, your employees will have the flexibility to study at their own pace and on their own time, without the worry of additional fees or limited access.

I want you to know that I'm here to help you and your team succeed. If you have any questions about our program or how it can benefit your company, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm confident that our program can provide the high-quality training and development that your team needs to stay ahead in the ever-changing insurance industry.

Thank you for considering AssociatePI for your company's training and development needs.

Jake Lang - AssociatePI

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