Introduction: AssociatePI Podcast

Passing Your CPCU®, ARM™, and API™ Designation Exams

Welcome to the official AssociatePI Podcast.

Passing your Property Casualty Exams and earning your CPCU®, ARM™, and API™ designations with ease.
If you are unsure of what to study and struggling to pass your exam, then this podcast is for you.

The AssociatePI Podcast will bring you key insights, lessons, and tips from someone that has passed the exams and now helped thousands of people earn their CPCU®, ARM™, and API™ exams.

In this episode, we will cover what to expect from the AssociatePI podcast.

This is the first episode of the AssociatePI podcast, today I’m just giving you a breakdown of what to expect from this podcast because it’s going to be a bit different than most other podcasts that you listen to.

How To Listen To This Podcast

This podcast will be like an audio book. Skip to your “Chapter”. Each episode titled with a CPCU®, ARM™, or API™ exam. Skip to the exam that you are studying for right now. Each will cover topics relating to that specific insurance designation exam. This podcast will cover everything you need to preapre for your CPCU®, ARM™, and API™ exam including:

  • The most important topics of the exam
  • The most difficult part of the exam
  • The exam format
  • My top study tips and tricks to pass the exam
  • And much more!

What To Do Now

Start by subscribing to this podcast so you never miss an episode. Then, go back to where you are listening to your podcast, scroll down to find your topic, listen to that episode. Treat it like chapters and skip around.

I look forward to helping you earn your CPCU®, ARM™, and API™ insurance designations.


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