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Personal Insurance Underwriting and Marketing Practices


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  • Expert developed course cuts out the fluff so you can study less and pass your exam in less time
  • Course combines a wide array of various API 28 study material so you only study the topics that will be on the exam
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Course Topics:

  • Introduction to personal insurance
  • Personal insurance underwriting
  • Underwriting automobiles
  • Underwriting miscellaneous vehicles
  • Underwriting homeowners residential and personal liability
  • Underwriting personal umbrella
  • Underwriting watercrafts
  • Underwriting inland marine
  • Personal insurance marketing

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API 28 practice exam


API 28 online course

This course takes the API 28 textbook and narrows it down to the core concepts listed below which are required to complete the API 28 exam. This course will cover all key topics and minor details that may appear on the API 28 exam

This course has been developed by industry experts which have been through the Associate in Personal Insurance process and have passed the API 28 exam using a wide array of various study material. Our experts have summarized all of this study material into one course which cuts out all of the fluff and non critical information in order to help you study and pass your exams in a more efficient, less timely manner

API 28 exam in 1/4th the time

On average, our online course participants pass their exams and earn their designations in 1/4th the recommended time

Recommended API 28 study time

2-3 months

Recommended time to earn API designation

6-8 months

AssociatePI API 28 study time

2-3 weeks

AssociatePI time to earn API designation

3-4 months

About API 28

The API 28 exam is a 90 minute exam consisting of 55 multiple choice questions focusing on personal insurance underwriting and marketing. The multiple choice questions are broken up into two sections; 44 concept questions and 11 case questions

The API 28 exam is one of the required exams for the API designation (Associate in Personal Insurance)

API Exams

API 28

CPCU® 555

CPCU® 556

Studying for the API 28 exam

Using our API 28 course, we recommend studying every other day for about 2 weeks. This course is shorter than the other CPCU® exams and can be completed in a quicker time period. Additionally, this course does not focus on the minute details, as is common in the CPCU® exams. The API 28 exam focused on more broad topics rather than individual details.

And remember, you only need a 70% to pass, that means you can get 16 questions wrong and still pass!

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AssociatePI has the highest quality insurance education courses created by actual insurance professionals who have completed the CPCU® designation. We are so confident that you will pass your exam that we offer a money back guarantee. Pass your exam with the AssociatePI Comprehensive Course or your full money back, guaranteed.