Changes Announced: ARM™ To CPCU® Path [Updated June 2023]

Please note, as of June 2023, The Institutes has announced changes to the ARM™ to CPCU® path along with major changes to the CPCU® Designation.

The exams required to earn the ARM™ to CPCU® are changing. You will no longer be required to take the CPCU® 410, CPCU® 557, or CPCU® 553 (these exams are being retired).

You will now be required to pass the following exams:

Core Exams (5 exams):

  • ARM™ 400
  • ARM™ 401
  • ARM™ 402
  • CPCU® 530
  • CPCU® 540

Concentration Exams (2 exams):

  • CPCU® 555 (or 551)
  • CPCU® 556 (or 552)

Elective Exams (choose one)

  • AIDA™ 181
  • CYB™ 301
  • AIC™ 300
  • AU™ 60
  • ARe™ 321

Here is the snippet from The Institutes website FAQ page about this change [as of June 2023]:

Are there changes to the ARM path to CPCU?

Yes. Students taking CPCU 410 will have until December 15, 2023 to take their exam before the course is retired. After that, the new ARM path to CPCU will continue to include all 3 ARM courses plus the updated CPCU 530, CPCU 540, 2 CPCU commercial lines or personal lines courses, an elective, and ethics. Please note that CPCU 410 will provide credit for CPCU 530 in the new ARM to CPCU path. 


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What is the ARM™ to CPCU® Path?

This is a new way to earn both the ARM™ and CPCU® designations.

After completing the three ARM™ courses (ARM™ 400ARM™ 401, and ARM™ 402), you can take CPCU® 530 and CPCU® 540 complete the “Core Courses” needed for the CPCU® designation.

Then, you just need to pass the two Concentration Courses (CPCU® 555 and CPCU® 556 for personal insurance or CPCU® 551 and CPCU® 552, for commercial) along with an elective course and an ethics course.

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**Please note this is the ‘new’ ARM™ to CPCU® Path announced June 2023**

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