ARM™ 402 Passing Grade

The passing grade for the ARM™ 402 exam is 70%. This means you must answer 70% of the questions correctly to receive a passing grade on the ARM™ 402.

In this blog we will breakdown the passing grade and pass rate of the ARM™ 402 exam. I’ve personally had success studying for this exam because of this study material from AB Training Center, the pass rate using this study material is 98%, which is why this is the only study material I recommend for the ARM™ exams.

ARM™ 402 Passing Score (answer 53 correctly)

Since the ARM™ 402 exam is 75 questions long, this means you must answer 53 questions correctly (you can get 22 wrong) to earn a passing grade on the ARM™ 402.

ARM™ 402 Pass Rate

According to nationally published ARM™ pass rates, the ARM™ 402 is one of the easiest exams published by The Institutes. The pass rate is typically around 76% or higher. This means, out of everyone that attempts the ARM™ 402 exam, 76% pass. As of writing this blog, the pass rate is 80% for the ARM™ 402 exam. This makes it one of the easier exams from The Institutes.

Although the pass rate is high do not take this exam lightly. This exam is very math-heavy, it is deceivingly difficult. We often hear that some students consider this the most difficult ARM™ exam because of the math topics.

How to Pass the ARM™ 402

The ARM™ 402 is a tough exam, but here are a couple of tips to make the entire process easier. If you focus and give yourself a little extra time you’ll have absolutely no problem at all passing the ARM™ 402 exam on the first attempt.

1) Give yourself extra time: I’m a strong proponent of studying 2 weeks per exam; you shouldn’t need much more than that. The ARM™ 402 is an exception to that rule. The ARM™ 402 covers a lot of content. The content is tedious, comprehensive, and tough to memorize. Plan ahead and give yourself a little more time for this exam, plan on 3-5 weeks of studying.

2) Make a cheat sheet: Make your own personal study guide and cheat sheet while you’re reading through the course. Taking notes and writing down the definitions may seem tedious but it will pay off in the end. I can’t stress enough that there’s a TON of content to memorize for the ARM™ 402 exam, you don’t want to be stuck reading and re-reading the entire course so be sure to take notes while reading through the course. This way you can refer back to your notes to study rather than re-reading the entire course.

3) Practice as much as possible: This tip is a bit obvious but it makes all the difference. Take as many practice exams as you possibly can, make sure you’re practicing with exam questions formatted similarly to the ARM™ 402 and while you practice do so WITHOUT looking at your cheat sheet. Treat your practice exam like the real exam; practice using real example questions and practice without the cheat sheet. You won’t be given a cheat sheet on the exam so make sure you’re practicing as if you’re taking the real exam without looking at the definitions in front of you.

4) Take exam in segments: A lot of students fail the ARM™ 402 because there is just too much content on the exam. It is too much information to memorize all at one time. One tip that we’ve seen a lot of students apply to help pass the ARM™ 402 exam is to break the exam into three parts and take the ARM™ 402 in segments. The ARM™ 402 exam is broken up into three parts. ARM™ 402 Part A, ARM™ 402 Part B, and ARM™ 402 Part C. The testing center allows you to take each of these segments as individual exams. You can choose to take the ARM™ 402 as one exam, or take three separate exams and take each “part” separately. We see a lot of students take each segment separately; this helps to break up the exam and allows for easier studying. When you break up the ARM™ 402 into three segments it allows you to study 3-4 chapters at a time, memorize a small chunk of the content, then pass that segment before you move onto the next segment and memorize another 3-4 chapters to pass the next exam.

Free Practice Exam

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