ARM400 Practice Exam Questions

The ARM™ 400 exam questions are tough. The ARM™ 400 exam consists of 75 multiple choice questions broken up into two sections, part A and part B. 

Let’s look at an example of a Part A and Part B question. Below we will breakdown two sample questions, including an answer and full explanation, from the ARM 400™ exam. These questions are written by AssociatePI, though we do not offer an ARM 400™ course at this time I do recommend this study material from AB Training Center. This is the study material I use; it includes practice questions much like the question and explanations in this blog.

ARM 400™ Sample Exam Questions – Part A

Which of the following is an example of a moral hazard?

  1. Jamie forgets to lock the front door of her apartment. When she comes home, she realizes her TV and laptop have been stolen.
  2. David makes a claim with his insurer for $5,000 when the cost of the damage was actually $4,000.
  3. Max accidentally runs his boat into a nearby dock, injuring two passengers and a bystander on the dock.
  4. Gary lives in a hail-prone state and owns a garage but chooses not to use the garage to protect his car.


Answer: B – David makes a claim with his insurer for $5,000 when the cost of the damage was actually $4,000.

In a moral hazard, a person intentionally increases the frequency or severity of a loss.

In this case, David is intentionally increasing the amount he claims. He should claim $4,000 for the actual damages, but he chooses to claim $5,000. This is an example of a moral hazard.

Remember, these questions will put you in the shoes of a risk management professional. These questions will not ask you to define anything, but instead will ask you to make the best recommendation by applying the definition to a real-life scenario. This means you must fully understand the definition and fully understand how this definition is applied, meaning you must know:

  1. What are the types of hazard
  2. What is a moral hazard
  3. What is an example of a moral hazard


For more Part A questions, download our free ARM 400 practice exam.

ARM 400™ Sample Exam Questions – Part B

A risk manager is analyzing two companies to determine which company’s losses are more predictable. Company A has a standard deviation of $100 and a mean of $1,000. Company B has a standard deviation of $50 and a mean of $400. Which company’s losses are more predictable?

  1. Company A is more predictable.
  2. Company B is more predictable.
  3. Each company is the same.
  4. Neither company is more predictable.


Answer: A – Company A is more predictable.

The coefficient of variation is used to compare two distributions with different means. The coefficient of variation = Standard deviation ÷ mean.

  • Company A coefficient of variation = $100 ÷ $1,000 = 0.1
  • Company B coefficient of variation = $50 ÷ $400 = 0.125

The lower coefficient of variation indicates less variability, meaning Company A is more predictable.

This gives you an example of how tricky these scenario based questions can be. In this example you are given a lot of information. You must decipher what the question is asking and determine what facts are relevant to answering the question. In this case you must know:

  1. How to determine which company is more predictable
  2. How to calculate coefficient of variation
  3. What is meant by a lower coefficient of variation


On your exam, you will be given a scenario like the one seen above; it is your job to understand what is being asked of you and how to solve or recommend a solution to the scenario.

For more scenario based questions, download our free ARM 400 practice exam.

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