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About AssociatePI

At AssociatePI, we believe continuous learning should be pursued by all individuals of the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide you with the best study material possible for you to better grasp a full understanding of all personal insurance subjects to help you complete The Institutes’ Associate in Personal Insurance (API) and Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®)

Our advanced study method is designed to enhance the API and CPCU® study methods currently available by focusing on two key concepts: recall and application.



  • Recall is the mind’s ability to remember information that has been previously learned or experienced.
  • Application is the process of using recalled information in a real-life scenario, such as at work or during an exam.

AssociatePI Goal

To develop a wide array of personal insurance training material that helps the busy insurance professional save time and money while expanding their knowledge horizon in an ever expanding and developing insurance industry.

AssociatePI Mission

AssociatePI’s mission is to deliver the best in quality personal insurance training material at a competitive price in order to develop a continuous learning and advancing insurance environment. Our expectation is to be a leader in personal insurance education as we look to continuously develop insurance professionals in order to provide insurance customers with the most experienced and developed professionals which are exemplary in representing their employer and the insurance industry as a whole.

Our Study Method and Material

Our study material follows a precise method which sets us apart from the rest. It’s designed to create the easiest learning experience by focusing on how our brains learn, honing in the two key concepts we mentioned earlier: recall and application. We call it, OTA

O – Organization

  • Online course: Key content and in-depth description of all required material for each exam summarized for easiest understanding and quicker reading
  • Quick hits: This is an organized study sheet which summarizes the main and most important key topics into a few main bullet points so that you can quickly reference a subject. This helps for quick repetition and allows for an easier visual understanding of key material
  • Study guide: This blank study guide will highlight the main topics of each course, allowing you to write down the most important details as you study

T - Testing

  • Key concept recap: Each online course contains a recap for each topic to test your understanding of the key points and definitions
  • Quiz: Each section in the online course will have a section quiz. These questions will be very similar to the questions you will see on the actual exam and will truly test your critical thinking ability in terms of understanding of the concepts
  • Final exam: This is a comprehensive 85 question exam set up in the same question format as the actual exam. It will consist of 57 concept questions and 28 case questions. These questions will be difficult and will prepare you for the type of questions on the administered exam

A - Application

  • Case study: Our case studies will require you to analyze a real life scenario in which you will be required to fully analyze the situation in order to recommend a solution. This is intended to feel like a real scenario that you may encounter during your personal insurance career and has proven to help the brain better remember key information because the brain is able to relate the information with an actual example
  • Quick hits – summarizes the most important topics into a few bullet points with main points so you can quickly reference a subject

Online Courses:

Our online courses have been developed by industry experts who have been through both the Associate in Personal Insurance and CPCU® Process. These experts have used a wide variety of API and CPCU® designation study material and are the brains of the operation which contributed to the development of our courses. Our wide range of expertise has allowed us to create online courses which focus on the core concepts and important details of each API and CPCU® exam in order to cut out all of the fluff and noncritical information so that you can study and pass your exams in a more efficient and less timely manner.

AssociatePI Benefits:

  • Advance your career with premier insurance designations
  • Quicker time to exam. On average, our online course participants pass their exams and earn their designations in 1/4th the recommended time
  • Easier learning with our OTA study method helping your better learn the material while saving time
  • Save time and money compared to other study methods
  • Mobile compatible, take us with you on the go! Our online courses are compatible with all mobile phones and tablets. Perfect for studying on the go!

The Institutes' Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®))


The CPCU® designation is considered the premier designation in the property and casualty industry and is held by only about 4% of the industry. This program focuses on a wide range of insurance topics, from risk management principles to complex policy and coverage analysis.

CPCU® designation courses include

  • CPCU® 500—Foundations of Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU® 520—Insurance Operations
  • CPCU® 530—Business Law for Insurance Professionals
  • CPCU® 540—Finance and Accounting for Insurance Professionals
  • CPCU® 551—Commercial Property Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU® 552—Commercial Liability Risk Management and Insurance
  • CPCU® 553—Survey of Personal Insurance and Financial Planning
  • CPCU® 555—Personal Risk Management and Property-Casualty Insurance
  • CPCU® 556—Financial Planning
  • CPCU® 557—Survey of Commercial Insurance
  • CPCU® 560—Financial Services Institutions
  • Elective course

Designation Benefits:

  • Enhance your career like over 69,000 CPCUs before you!
    • 90% of CPCUs believe that earning their CPCU® prepared them for their long-term career goals.
  • Put your career on the fast track.
    • 85% of CPCUs say that earning the CPCU® designation accelerated their careers.
  • Gain access to a network dedicated to helping you succeed.
    • 85% of CPCUs say that earning the CPCU® designation accelerated their careers.
    • 74% of CPCU® Society members value the opportunities to engage with industry experts that being a member gives them.

The Institutes' Associate in Personal Insurance (API)



The API is an associate level designation which is highly regarded in the personal insurance industry. This insurance designation focuses on the core topics of personal insurance such as personal lines business, under writing, marketing, profitability and portfolio management.

The API program consists of three exams:

  • API 28 — Personal Insurance: Underwriting and Marketing Practices
  • CPCU® 555 — Personal Risk Management and Property-Casualty Insurance
  • CPCU® 556 — Financial Planning
  • API 29—Personal Insurance: Portfolio Management

Designation Benefits:

  • Gain the technical knowledge you need to succeed.
    • 93% of Institutes designees feel that they gained valuable technical property-casualty knowledge.
  • Be ready when that promotion opens up.
    • 83% of Institutes designees think that earning a designation prepared them for their long-term career goals.
  • Trust the program your colleagues recommend.
    • 93% of Institutes designation completers recommend The Institutes’ courses.



API and CPCU Insurance Designation Training

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